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  • Citysearch offers reviews and directions to top restaurants, events, night clubs, shops.

  • Yahoo Local has a mix of business services and leisure guides for all major cities in the world.

  • OLCG offers detailed information about US cities including weather forecast and traffc.i

  • City Guide Site is a traditional portal with a list of cities and towns.

  • Golden City Guides focuses mainly on the US, Mexico and the North American area.

Tip 1: City Guides offer a great source of local information if you are new to a place. It often gives great advice on public transport services, emergency contacts and events.

Tip 2: Some City Guide offers are exceptionally inexpensive - please make sure you check the credibility of an offer before you purchase a service.

Tip 3: Look for vouchers for local events. Print out the voucher ID to be on the safe side.

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