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  • Travelocity has a massive choice including car rental and hotel packages.

  • Webjet has the best user interface with easy to use settings.

  • Expedia is quite user friendly with different language settings for non English speaking users.

  • Jetabroad includes travel insurance packages and special offers.

  • Studentflights has excellent value for students but expensive for non students.

  • Lastminute used to be the best but lacks choice for certain airlines and has lost some of its original excellence.

  • Cheaptickets is cheap but not serving all destinations.

Tip 1: Book as much in advance as you can. Rule of thumb is that the more in advance you book, the more you will safe.

Tip 2: A return ticket is usually cheaper than two one-way tickets. If you know the exact arrival and departure days it's best to book a return ticket from the very start.

Tip 3: Look for hidden costs such as airport tax, insurance, cancellation and other service fees. They can add up a lot.

Tip 4: Make sure that you always print out your ticket (so called E-Ticket) when you book a flight online. The most important information is the booking or reference number which is a unique ID identifying you as the ticket holder. Take the printout and your passport to the airport to get your boarding pass.

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