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  • Ikea is the #1 in furniture for all.

  • Furniture focuses on contemporary furniture.

  • EBay will get you everything from vintage to state of the art furniture.

  • Everything Furniture is similar to the above but often has better prices.

  • Eco Furniture offers furniture with an ecological touch.

  • Overstock gives you the best prices of all but has limited choice.

Tip 1: There's really not that many tips when it comes to furniture. The only advice we have is that you should probably not order online when you plan buy expensive items that you haven't seen (and touched) before. Pictures on the web can be very misleading.

Tip 2: As with all expensive purchases, remember to keep the receipt and the warranty documents.

Tip 3: Check whether delivery is free of charge or added to the costs. It can make quite a difference.

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