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  • Hotjobs merged with Yahoo and has the biggest database for jobs.

  • Monster has over 1 million jobs and is pretty much the pioneer.

  • Career Builder offers CV check and application help.

  • Cold Jobs has mainly IT and other technical jobs.

  • Jobs Fed is a database for fulltime jobs in the federal sector.

Tip 1: The first impression is everything. Make sure you put the necessary thoughtfulness into your application. No shortcuts.

Tip 2: Experience usually counts more than a theoretical background. Just because you don't have a degree shouldn't be an obstacle.

Tip 3: Research before you have the job interview. Get background information about the company, the job and the people that you are likely to work with.

Tip 4: Have a clear idea of how much you want to earn. The question about the "desired salary" will come up for sure. Have a realistic target and get quotes from friends, colleagues or do some research on the web and look for average salaries in the specific sector.

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