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  • Hertz is a worldwide leader of rental cars and has a massive choice.

  • Budget is also a worldwide leader with a massive choice, sometimes a bit more expensive though.

  • Europcar is for Europe only but offers good prices.

  • Avis another worldwide service with good prices.

  • National Car is for US only, has good prices but limited choice of cars.

  • Thrifty is for US only.

  • Enterprise is for US only and targeted more towards the business customer.

Tip 1: Ask if mileage is included or extra. The cost difference can be quite significant.

Tip 2: Check for scratches and general state of car before you leave the car park. If you notice anything unusual, tell them right away before you use the car.

Tip 3: Make sure to return car on time and with full tank to avoid penalty.

Tip 4: If you want your friends or family members to drive the car too, they need to be on the car rental contract - otherwise they are not allowed to drive the car and are not insured.

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