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  • Apartment Guide has mainly apartments for rent including reviews.

  • Rental Houses focuses more on family houses and high end apartments.

  • For Rent has a huge choice and a great search filter.

  • Rent is the pioneer in rental services for the US.

  • 4Walls is perfect for the cost conscious tenant.

Tip 1: Read the fine print. Check for hidden costs such as garbage fee, water, electricity, gas and other service fees.

Tip 2: Long term leases are usually cheaper (on a monthly basis) but give you less flexibility. When in doubt go for the short term lease.

Tip 3: Don't forget to read, check and sign the entry report listing the apartments condition. When you move out and want your bond back, you will have to leave the apartment in the same or better state depending on your lease terms.

Tip 4: Check for noise and other factors that have an impact on your quality of life. Ask the landlord for details - you can't possibly see everything within the 15 minute apartment inspection.

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