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  • Travelers Trust is simple and fast with easy navigation.

  • Worldwidemedical is often recommended by frequent travelers.

  • IMG Global is an insurance giant with vast package choice but a bit expensive.

  • E-Global Health has very good prices but limited choice.

  • Global Travel Insurance has good prices but limited choice.

  • Travelguard is a relative newcomer but has excellent customer service staff.

  • Allianz is the worldwide leader in insurance which covers pretty much everything you could ask for.

Tip 1: Always read the fine print. We really mean it - the details are important.

Tip 2: Ask your current, domestic health insurance if they offer international coverage (sometimes that's even included in your basic package).

Tip 3: Some countries have very strict laws so it's necessary to do some research on what kind of insurance you need. It's not just medical emergencies but it could also be insurance against theft or other non medical incidents.

Tip 4: Make sure that you write down the local telephone number of your insurance company's local offices in the countries you plan to visit. Also, get the local emergency numbers for those countries (example: 911 for the United States, 000 for Australia and 110 for Germany).

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